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Nerdbux [Closed PTC] – Review and Personal Experience

Nerdbux [Closed PTC] – Review and Personal ExperienceNerdbux.com is one of those come and go sites. They appeared on the scene, people got excited, the site was paying, and eventually they stopped paying, turned scam and disappeared. All that within a year. It was just a typical PTC site story. That’s how their homepage looked like. The site was pretty good in... Read More »

BuxP Review and Payment Proof

BuxP Review and Payment ProofUpdate on 30th of November 2017 It seems BuxP is closing down. They paid out only members that had over $6.99 in their account. Which was too bad for me, considering I had about $6 dollars. So I just spent the money on ads, sent some traffic to my site. Anyway, there goes Buxp.org. You... Read More »