Improve your Business through Facebook Pages

Facebook is the largest social network today and every company should see it as an important tool in marketing. Today many more or less successful companies advertise through social networks and thus deliver greater visits on their official websites. Having a Facebook Page for your business is a shortcut to present your business and services to potential clients and users.

In order to fully utilize the possibilities of Facebook to promote your business, you must know how to update the site and to get users to visit your website, or to get as many new people to find out about your product, service or brand. This is accomplished in several ways:

1. Post fun, motivational and inspirational content to get your existing customers to return to your site and motivate them to further promote your good name. You can post cool images with interesting titles or issues, then clips from Youtube or ones that you have created. People like to share entertaining or useful content. If you manage to get them interested they might share what you post with their friends, and in this way expand the circle of people who will learn about your service, product or brand.

2. Keep track of when the largest number of fans is on your network, because among them is your target group. Facebook provides a lot of statistical information within the site, one of them making it possible for you to discover at which time of day the biggest number of your fans is online, and when best to share some content. It’s best to share new content when your fans are online, not in the middle of the night when no one’s there. Facebook also reveals the age and gender of your customers, so you can share content that those people can relate to, making it more likely for them to share and interact with your business.

3. Invite people from your personal profile to become a fan of your business page. Your friends can also invite their friends from their profile. This is a great way to get new customers, fans, Likes.

4. Set the location of your business, because it makes it easier for people to find you if they go looking for your location. It is also a free way of advertising your business as people can note on their Facebook profile that they have visited your establishment, or work for you.

5. Fill part of a page with general information about your business, such as date of establishment, activities and contacts to help people come to you. The information must always be accurate and up to date (so if you change your location or phone number, remember to go change it on your page’s details too).

6. Set an administrator to create daily content for your Facebook business page. Usually an employee of your company can do this, but only if they are educated in Facebook marketing or engage part-time in these tasks. Bad image is difficult to correct, so make sure the person responsible for your Facebook page is down to earth and won’t get carried away by posting inappropriate or offensive content, or by replying to customer inquiries in a rude way.

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